Spinning Top Toy Catalogue

450 toys in the catalogue
M = Multicultural, I = Inclusive
Category Toy Name ID No. Details Age  
Arts and crafts50 Things to Draw and Paint269Set of cards with lots of ideas3 years+
Arts and craftsELC Painting Rollers3863 years+
Arts and craftsELC Palm Printers3873 years+
Arts and craftsFuzzy Felt Circus348Make pictures by sticking felt shapes to the board3 years+
Arts and craftsFuzzy Felt Farm349Make pictures by pressing felt pieces onto the board3 years+
Arts and craftsGalt Magnetic Shapes326A fun activity with over 40 magnetic pieces in assorted shapes and colours. Create a variety of patterns and designs on the metallic tray. Picture guide included.3 years+
Arts and craftsHama Bead Set346Make pictures out of coloured beads which can be ironed to make a permanent decoration5 years+
Arts and craftsPlaydough Accessories - Figures140Make loads of different playdough figures with over 50 pieces such as arms, legs etc. Comes with an easy make recipe for playdough.3 years+
Arts and craftsSoft Stuff Train84Pick a wheel, slot it on the front of the train then push down on the cab to squeeeeze Soft Stuff out of the front in different shaped sausages3 years+
Arts and craftsTwirl and paint220Press the button to move the spinner that then squirts in the paint to create your swirly picture.3 years+
Arts and craftsWooden Playdough Tools123Great accessories for playdough, along with easy make recipe for making playdough at home.2 years+
Baby toysActivitot Developmental Gym552birth upwards
Baby toysActivity Board262Large double sided wooden activity board which encourages group play and sharing. Lots of different activities.6 months+I
Baby toysBaby Bath Buckets1723 small buckets and a scoop12 months+
Baby toysCat game26112 pieces of food, 2 die Feed the animals through the slots to hear them make happy noises! Great for fine motor skills.12 months+I
Baby toysClacking Windmill271Strong wooden base and uprights hold a pair of four rotating arms with balls at the ends. Each arm has a pair of sliding half balls on each rod that ‘clack’ together as the windmills spin around, giving a reward sound after making contact.6 months+I
Baby toysDiffraction tube - roller/shaker265Roll in the palm of hand or shake for sound. Movement will provide visual stimulation as light is reflected and diffracted. Encourages grip and hand flexibility.12 months+I
Baby toysDoughnut350Large inflatable doughnut shape with brightly coloured activity cover which supports babies learning to sit up.3 months+
Baby toysDrop n Roll36612 months+
Baby toysELC Twist and Turn Activity House187With lots of activities to keep little hands busy, the Twist and Turn Activity House encourages the development of fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Your little one can turn the handle on the side to see the cogs spin, and open and close doors to hide and retrieve the shapes. As your baby gets older, they can discover which shapes fit into the holes, tap them in using the hammer, post balls into the chimney and down the ball run, and you can help them find out how to open the doors using the keys.12 months+I
Baby toysELC Wooden Hammering Bench4293 large pegs to hammer in.18 months+
Baby toysFisher Price Baby Piano36012 months+
Baby toysFisher Price Piano/gym912 months+
Baby toysGalt Junior Ball Run280Build a fun ball run with 15 brightly coloured slot-together pieces and 5 assorted balls to delight and entertain a young child. The balls are the perfect size for little hands to hold and feature smiley faces, rattle sounds and a spinning mirror. Your child will enjoy exploring the ball run, discovering where to place each ball and learning how the balls travel down to the base of the run. The Junior Ball Run encourages hand-eye coordination and teaches the concept of cause and effect. Awarded 'Recommended' status by the Good Toy Guide.12 months+I
Baby toysHide and Squeak Eggs139Remove the lids to uncover brightly coloured press & cheep chicks. Match the egg base to the correct hole in the box for shape sorting fun. A great way to encourage play & help to develop your baby's early skills6 months+
Baby toysLeapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Centre392
Baby toysManhattan Classic Baby Beads649The colourful rubberwood beads are strung together with an elastic cord and can be manipulated into an endless number of configurations. The toy has been designed to encourage early tactile play, the perfect size for little hands. Suitable for babies from 3 months onwards.3 months+
Baby toysMirror Chimeabout371Wooden sensory toy with a carousel of mirrors and bells which rotate and jingle when touched. Ideal for babies and children with additional needs.6 months+I
Baby toysMirror Chimeabout417Wooden sensory toy with a carousel of mirrors and bells which rotate and jingle when touched. Ideal for babies and children with additional needs.6 months+I
Baby toysMirror/Diffraction Cube264 It creates changes in lighting effects with added surprises, encouraging concentration. Two sides are mirror and two sides diffraction, both in acrylic.6 months+I
Baby toysMusical Light-up Carousel4306 months+
Baby toysMusical Wheel and Mirror3036 months+
Baby toysNesting Eggs686 months+
Baby toysNobbly Wobbly263Noisy, visual, tactile, easy-to-grip ball. The less dextrous can put their fingers around the pliable strands for better grip. Mirrored inner ball provides reflections and rattle sounds. Safe, colourful - wonderful!6 months+I
Baby toysPlastic Baby Loops145birth upwards
Baby toysPop up Teddy483Great fun for little ones waiting for the teddy to pop up.6 months+
Baby toysPop-up people286Stimulating and entertaining wooden toy. Press the 4 colourful people to make them pop up and down to delight babies and toddlers. Aids hand/eye co-ordination and colour recognition.12 months+I
Baby toysPop-up Teddies48112 months & up. A colourful surprise little ones enjoy over and over! Press, rock and turn knobs to reveal teddy bears.12 months+
Baby toysPress and Go Igglepiggle248Simply press Igglepiggle head and watch as they zoom away in the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk! Little ones will have hours of fun toddling along to catch them! The Press and Go vehicles are chunky making them perfect for little hands to hold and the Pinky Ponk has a clicking propeller to stimulate senses and aid fine motor skills12 months+
Baby toysPress and Go Upsy Daisy66Simply press Upsy Daisy's head and watch as they zoom away in the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk! Little ones will have hours of fun toddling along to catch them! The Press and Go vehicles are chunky making them perfect for little hands to hold and the Pinky Ponk has a clicking propeller to stimulate senses and aid fine motor skills12 months+
Baby toysPull Along Duck12812 months+
Baby toysRolling Activity Centre4996 months+
Baby toysRotating Drum267Wooden drum filled with coloured balls with bells inside them. Gives intrinsic rewards from the sounds and movement created.6 months+I
Baby toysSensory reflective silver balls419Set of 4 different size reflective metal balls. Babies and children will be fascinated to see what happens to objects placed close to the mirrors especially their own face! Made from hard wearing stainless steel, these beautiful tactile balls are robustly constructed without being too heavy and can therefore be handled by young children with ease.birth upwardsI
Baby toysSensory Set (2)3374 instruments for little hands to play with.3 months+I
Baby toysSensory soft cube426 months+I
Baby toysSpace Rattle4013 months+
Baby toysSquish (pastel)670Skwish appeals to baby's visual and tactile curiosity, making this sophisticated toy a source of wonder and learning. Very easy to hold.birth upwardsI
Baby toysSquish Classic144birth upwards
Baby toysStacking Cups435Great for little ones to build and knock down, or put inside each other.6 months+
Baby toysTolo Musical Jack in the Box10412 months+
Baby toysTolo Pop-up Teddies10812 months+
Baby toysTolo Spinning Top1433 months+
Baby toysTolo Stacking Activity Shapes83Squeaking ball, hexagonal rattle, mirror rattel , dial and spin - can be stacked together6 months+
Baby toysTrolley and wooden bricks23612 months+
Baby toysWobbly Clown (musical)1376 months+
Baby toysWooden activity roller2666 months+
Baby toysWooden Baby Gym1255birth upwards
ConstructionAcrylic blocks329A beautiful set of translucent coloured acrylic blocks and shapes which are virtually indestructible. Comes compete with four opaque 2d squares which can be used as platforms when building towers etc.3 years+I
ConstructionBag of Megabloks130A jumbo assortment of Mega Bloks - easy storage, sturdy design, and irresistible colours add up to endless building possibilities. Develops creativity, imagination, reasoning and problem solving, and fine motor skills12 months+
ConstructionBig bag of lego207Great for constructing all sorts of things using your imagination.4 years+
ConstructionBuild It Construction (ELC)190With chunky shapes, nuts and bolts plus two tools to put them together your child can try building fantastic robots and other creations with these chunky shapes, nuts and bolts.Over 75 pieces to make a trolley, truck, dog, dinosaur and your own unique designs. Set includes: 25 x construction pieces 54 x nuts and bolts, screwdriver and spanner. 2-6 years2 years+
ConstructionCastle building blocks in a box414Build your own castle with traditional wooden building blocks. Approximately 150 assorted pieces with preprinted designs so you can create your own grand designs and make it different every time with towers, turrets, castellations, and archways. Stores tidily away into wooden box with sliding lid.3 years+
ConstructionCastle Lego2013 years+
ConstructionDuplo Farm Set566Large mix of animals, vehicles, bricks and accessories including board. Great for both imaginative play and fine motor skills.2 years+
ConstructionDuplo Zoo Set358Large set of duplo to create a zoo, plus base plate. Builds imaginative, construction and fine motor skills. 2-5 years2 years+
ConstructionFirst Octons299Construction toy consisting of 48 octagon shaped pieces.3 years+
ConstructionFun Flowers54Develop co-ordination and imagination whilst making flowering plants from different coloured wooden shapes3 years+
ConstructionGroovy Puzzle Cubes368Stimulates thinking abilities as the grooving texture allows different puzzles to be made. Blocks can be constructed into two different houses or a field of tulips. Children can learn about basic geometric shapes and numbering on the remaining sides of the 16 wooden cubes3 years+
ConstructionJumbo Magnets11815 large magnetic balls and 20 rods to build with2 years+
ConstructionK'Nex Building Set (large bag)359Over 300 pieces of K'nex plus 2 instruction books to make loads of models6 years+
ConstructionKaleidogears4952 pieces. Make colourful constructions with gears, can be flat or 3d. No small parts, washable, unbreakable.3 years+
ConstructionKidk'nex80Box of chunky K'nex pieces for young builders.3 years+
ConstructionLego Set3743 years+
ConstructionMagnetix367Magnetic construction set5 years+
ConstructionMobilo148large box full3 years+
ConstructionPlaymags490Large set of magnetic shapes with cars and baseboard. which attract on all sides and the combinations form many different shapes and structures. From flat designs to squares, pyramids, plus many more unlimited geometric shapes. Tiles easily connect, which prompts kids to move from constructing two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. As they build, kids develop tools for spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking, and math reasoning. Blocks easily connect and inspire creativity, brain development patterning, shape recognition, building, and motor skills3 years+
ConstructionPopoids12863 years+
ConstructionRainbow Cubes235These wooden rainbow cubes encourage counting from 1 to 10, and come in bright vibrant colours. Cubes nest for easy storage. Height when stacked: 104cm.18 months+
ConstructionRobopoppers274Popping robot and alien whose pieces pop together for easy fun construction; and they make great popping sounds when stretched.3 years+
ConstructionSpace Lego2243 years+
ConstructionStickle Bricks5552 years+
ConstructionWaffle Bricks3942 years+
ConstructionWedgits Junior Set411Wedgits Junior invites curiousity and engages young minds in valuable play. A wonderful & unique building toy kids absolutely love. Ages 3-7.3 years+
ConstructionWooden Construction Set3703 years+
ConstructionZoobs5169 pieces with instructions x 4 ZOOBs have 5 different styles of pieces that snap together in 20 ways to make connections that rotate, limbs that extend, axels that spin and much more. The pieces move after they're built together, so your child can create toys to play with instead of just looking at them.3 years+
ElectronicElectronic Pinball Machine684Pull back the trigger and shoot the ball into the pinball playzone, trying to keep the ball from dropping for as long as possible by propelling it up with the flippers. As the ball hits each spring it makes a fun noise, lights flash and the scores add up automatically. Require 4 x AA batteries. Not suitable for children under 36 months.3 years+
ElectronicShake n Go Race Track237Shake N Go Speedway is the ultimate racetrack, complete with 2 shake & go cars, an IR start/ finish sensor, start gates and an LED lap counter. Kids can shake up the cars and watch 'em go .... and with IR sensing the winner will actually acknowledged by the track announcer!3 years+
ElectronicToddler Electronic Tool Bench159Lots of things to do to make different noises!18 months+
ElectronicVtech Playtime Bus58This Interactive talking bus teaches phonics, letter names and numbers through four modes of play. The Chunky buttons on the top of the bus call out shapes while the smiley passengers say funny phrases when pressed. The bus features lots of music and fun sound effects including horn, brake and accelerator. Requires 2 x AA batteries (included) Suitable from 12+ months12 months+
ElectronicVtech Round Town Driver12562 years+
GamesAnimal Dominoes35427 pieces3 years+
GamesBus Stop418DetailsOfToy Stimulating and fun addition and subtraction game helps children learn to share, communicate and play together. Aids counting, colour recognition and number awareness. Throw the two dice to move round the board counting passengers on and off your big bright bus. The winner is the player with the most passengers when their bus finally gets to the bus station - hope it’s not late!! For 2 - 4 players Age 4 - 84 years+
GamesCatch a Mouse3A traditional fun game for 3-5 players with wooden playing pieces.3 years+
GamesCatch Me!3224 years+
GamesConnect 4334Game using red and yellow counters. The aim is to make a line of 4 counters. For 2 players.5 years+
GamesDoodlebugs238A fun and exciting way to learn about colours and shapes. Pack contains 41 circular 'doodlebug' cards to match into pairs - see who can collect the most! Encourages children to share and play together, and links with National Curriculum Maths and Literacy Stage 1. Age 3+. Players 2-4.3 years+
GamesELC Honey Bee Tree Game199For 2-4 players. A game of skill for all the family. Remove the leaves without letting bees drop from the honey pot.3 years+
GamesFarmyard Heads and Tails156Orchard Games 18m+, 1-4 players18 months+
GamesFind the letter2323 years+
GamesFruit Frenzy301 A fruity card game that's fun and simple to play. Collect five matching fruits to win, but watch out, when the spinner shows 'fruit frenzy' it's everyone for themselves! Improves observation skills, develops social communication and promotes healthy eating. 2-4 players.4 years+
GamesGuess Who2966 years+
GamesHoliday Heads and Tails377Orchard Games 3yrs+3 years+
GamesJunior Scrabble293Board game5 years+
GamesKalaha332Classic board game with 48 gemstones and wooden board. Complete with game rules.7 years+
GamesLandmark Lotto361Orchard Games 4-7 years4 years+
GamesLet's Draw (card game)315Let's Draw is a fun card game which promotes interaction and communication through copying, describing and drawing. Includes instructions for several different ways of playing.4 years+
GamesLuxury Wooden Backgammon294Board game7 years+
GamesMagnetic Fishing1733-8 years3 years+
GamesMemo+335Card game to play with picture cards encouraging memory skills. 6 different games to play.3 years+
GamesMonster Bingo180Orchard Toys - A shape and colour matching game with two ways to play! Traditional gameplay. Features fun monster characters. Educational game for ages 3+ and 2-4 players3 years+
GamesMonster Catcher Game383Orchard Toys. Develops matching and counting skills. Encourages social interaction and develops instruction following and turn taking skills3 years+
GamesMoo, Baa, Quack256Orchard Game 3-6 years, 2-4 players3 years+
GamesMother and Baby Pairs255Orchard Game. 3-6 years, 2-4 players3 years+
GamesOld Macdonald Lotto55Orchard Toys 2-6 years - Reinforces object matching skills. - Encourages observation and memory skills. - Develops social communication.2 years+
GamesOnce upon a time1625 years+
GamesOrchard Toys Pigs in Pants (game)2162-4 players 4 years+ Pigs in Pants features friendly pigs and colourful pants which children will find hilarious! The aim of the game is to collect the most pairs of pants on your pig by both matching patterned pants to the four cards in the centre and pinching pants cards from other players, whilst shouting "I'm going to pinch your pants!" However, the game can change in an instant as players pinch your pants right back! Great fun playing taughing at the pigs in frilly pants and shouting 'No knickers!' as loud as you can. This game of chance has exciting gameplay and fun characters which can be enjoyed by the whole family.4 years+
GamesPesky Pirates Game412Have fun treasure hunting with Chimp and Zee. Fill your pirate chest with the most treasure! Help your child learn through play with this game that's easy to set up. Start playing in just a few minutes and everyone has a chance to win. Only takes ten minutes to play and is great fun even when it's not your turn. Age 3-5.3 years+
GamesPick up Sticks1493 years+
GamesPicture Lotto2422-8years2 years+
GamesPicture Pairs215Memory game with 54 cards. Helps children develop memory skills3 years+
GamesPop it in the Post227Letters and stamps with different designs and colours to help build matching skills.
GamesPop up Pirate63Tomy Toys.Push the pirate into the barrel, which features an ejection mechanism. Select a set of swords and take turns to put them into slots in the barrel. Every time the pirate ejects from the barrel, that player is eliminated3 years+
GamesPost Box Game (Orchard)564Fun and entertaining early years board game. 3 ways to play. Links with National Curriculum Maths. Encourages colour matching and recognition skills2 years+
GamesPostman Pat Parcels Game3893 years+
GamesRing a Ring of Roses3524 years+
GamesSafari336An exciting and instructive animal game for 2 to 4 players.4 years+
GamesShape Shark365Orchard Games 3-6 years3 years+
GamesShopping List Game2302-4 players aged 3-7 years3 years+
GamesSnakes and Ladders/Ludo307Two board games.3 years+
GamesSoundtracks (cd)1703-6yrs3 years+I
GamesSpeedbag3216 years+
GamesSpot the Difference2684 cards, 36 pictures, 36 shapes. 2-6 years2 years+
GamesSpotty Dogs402Orchard Toys. Simple, colourful counting game. For 2-4 players aged 3-6 years. Quick and easy to play3 years+
GamesTen Green Bottles167Orchard Toys. For 2-4 players aged 3-6 years. Enhances maths skills and number recognition3 years+
GamesThe Game of Ladybirds396Orchard Toys. A colourful first counting game for 2-4 players aged 3-7years. Match the spots and count the ladybirds.3 years+
GamesVery Hungry Caterpillar Game195The object is be the first to get your caterpillar round the board having collected the required food pieces. This game helps with counting, colour recognition & fine motor skills, and it's fun!3 years+
GamesWalk the Plank (game)275An exciting game in which all the pirates move simultaneously towards the desert island to raid the treasure chest. Race to be the first pirate to collect four pieces of shiny treasure, but beware, you may have to 'walk the plank'. 2-4 players aged 4-7yrs4 years+
GamesWhatever Next222The acting, singing, laughing, hopping, crawling, jumping game! With over 200 rib-tickling activities. Fun for family and friends of all ages.5 years+
GamesWhere's My Mummy?253Galt Toys. A fun matching game for very young children. Progress to playing as a memory game for older children. 2 - 4 players. Guide included. Age: from 2 to 5 years2 years+
GamesWooden chess set67Folding inlaid chessboard with varnished and felted pieces7 years +
GamesWooden Planet Pinball65Use the flippers to keep the ball in space. Start the ball in the launcher6 years+
GamesYahtzee333Dice game which encourages adding up.7 years+
Imaginative and life play123 Playmobil Farm3112 months+
Imaginative and life play123 Playmobil House3012 months+
Imaginative and life playAeroplane6482 years+
Imaginative and life playAfrican Doll163Soft bodied, with traditional dress and headband plus knickers3 years+
Imaginative and life playAfrican girl doll and traditional costume93Hat, scarf, tunic, skirt and pants
Imaginative and life playAlice in Wonderland Puppet Set205 puppets to act out the story of Alice in Wonderland3 years+
Imaginative and life playBabies Car Seat312Pretend car seat to use for dolls or toys.2 years+
Imaginative and life playBaby Bath Set127Doll's bath and accessory set2 years+
Imaginative and life playBathtime Baby404This baby doll makes bathtime extra fun. Comes with a hooded towel, towelling nappy, baby powder and baby shampoo. Height 38 cm. 3-8yrs3 years+
Imaginative and life playBig Farm John Deere Front Loader453Complete with two large bales for the tractor to lift3 years+
Imaginative and life playBob the Builder Set59Lots of vehicles and people to play with2 years+
Imaginative and life playChef's Outfit188Great for aspiring cooks, and fun for playing cafes with a play kitchen. Fits chefs up to 116 cm tall.3 years+
Imaginative and life playChina Tea Set175Realistic china tea and dinner set for serving dinners for dolls3 years+
Imaginative and life playChinese Food Set20511 pieces with leaflet3 years+
Imaginative and life playChinese girl doll88Realistic 16inch doll with soft vinyl body which is lovely to cuddle. Complete with Chinese tunic and trousers2 years+
Imaginative and life playCleaning Set317Broom, mop, dustpan and brush2 years+
Imaginative and life playConstruction hat602 years+
Imaginative and life playCooker and accessories395Small cooker with lots of cooking accessories3 years+
Imaginative and life playCookie Set2213 years+
Imaginative and life playCooking Set - stainless steel2088 items3 years+
Imaginative and life playCooking Set (plastic)2102 years+
Imaginative and life playCot and bedding37318 months+
Imaginative and life playCupcake Doll45918 months+
Imaginative and life playCut and Play Ice Cream Set3453 years+
Imaginative and life playCutting Food in Box34323 pieces including box. Good for practicing cutting food in a safe way.3 years+
Imaginative and life playDigger16018 months+
Imaginative and life playDoctor's Set5543 years+
Imaginative and life playDoll Family3576 figures3 years+
Imaginative and life playDoll's car seat4242 years+
Imaginative and life playDoll's high chair4232 years+
Imaginative and life playDoorway Theatre95A colourful fabric theatre which hangs in a doorway! Two wooden poles slide in to give it shape and the curtains have easy release tabs for opening when the performance begins. Thehanging rod twists to extend to fit your doorway - it can expand up to 41.25"/105cm wide.3 years+
Imaginative and life playDouble sided Play Mat33918 months+
Imaginative and life playDump Truck - Handle Haulers15Easy Grip soft handle6 months+I
Imaginative and life playDyson vacuum cleaner87Realistic role play. Features a simulated cyclone action with colourful balls just like the real thing; manoeuvrability of toy develops problem solving and motor skills. Real suction from the foot of the vacuum, this helps for understanding cause and effect. True to life sounds for added realism and aural stimulation3 years+
Imaginative and life playELC Happyland Train Set78Put the driver in the engine and off it goes!2 years+
Imaginative and life playELC Pots and Pans Set3806 pieces2 years+
Imaginative and life playELC Spotted Tea Set3722 years+
Imaginative and life playELC Till and money1073 years+
Imaginative and life playELC Tractor and Trailer382with two animals18 months+
Imaginative and life playEmergency Service Centre (ELC)35Fantastic carry-along three-vehicle set. Open a door to send the vehicle speeding down the ramp, and set off cool lights and emergency sounds. The three colours encourage your child to match up the vehicles and garages. 2 x AA batteries.18 months+
Imaginative and life playFairy Dress407Pretty fairy dress with wings, perfect for little 'Tinks' everywhere.Size 3-6 years2 years+
Imaginative and life playFarm animal hand puppets626 puppets3 years+
Imaginative and life playFarm animal set40911 animals and 3 people3 years+
Imaginative and life playFire Engine - Handle Haulers14Easy grip soft handle12 months+
Imaginative and life playFisher Price Ark362Two piece ark that opens up for play, with Mr and Mrs Noah, flag and 12 animals. 2-5 years2 years+
Imaginative and life playFisher Price Dolls House101with furniture and people2 years+
Imaginative and life playFisher Price Telephone10912 months+
Imaginative and life playFisher Price Vehicles and People Set4106 vehicles with 6 people2 years+
Imaginative and life playFood Set245Set of 20 pieces of food for imaginary and role play.2 years+
Imaginative and life playFox hand puppet1063 years+
Imaginative and life playFruit and Veg (large)203Set of 19 large realistic pieces3 years+
Imaginative and life playFruit and Veg Play Set1612 years+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Church240Church with bride, groom, vicar and horse-drawn carriage Plays wedding march and ringing bells.18 months+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Farm456With over 15 accessories including 4 characters and 7 animals, little ones will love setting up the farm, putting the animals in their homes, helping the farmer drive the tractor around to check on the animals.! Perfect for imaginative play, your child will have hours of fun creating lots of stories and adventures. The 5 fun sounds make play even more realistic, and moving the characters around will help the development of fine motor skills and strengthen little fingers. A great way for your child to learn a little bit about the world around them through play, they can learn what noises all of the animals make while helping the happyland farmer tend to them, while boosting their imagination through role play. Your little one will love opening and closing the pen, farmhouse and stable doors, and making the tractor roll along.2 years+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Fire Station219With fire engine, fire chief's car, 5 figures, road sign and station cat. Makes sounds. Encourages imagination.18 months+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Funfair327Bring all the fun of the fair to your child's HappyLand. Set includes: Carousel, Pirate boat ride, Spinning rockets ride, Train, Clown, Fairground man, Girl, Boy. 2 x AAA Batteries18 months+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Pirate Ship304With 2 pirates and a boat2 years+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Plane324You can fly the plane around the room and even try a loop-the-loop! Great for inspiring early imaginative play. Includes 2 figures.18 months+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Police Station241Police station, police car, motorbike, traffic lights, road block, dog and 2 police figures. Makes realistic sounds.18 months+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Road Buggy280with transporter and 2 figures2 years+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Rose Cottage36The cottage is completely open on one side to enable your toddler to reach into the house and play in all of the rooms. There are lots of realistic sounds to explore; including the television, stove, telephone and the doorbell, making your little one's stories and scenes come to life2 years+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Sunflower School193HappyLand has its own little village school, which plays Includes fun sounds and songs.Set includes School, 2 x Play cars, Reversible play table, 3 x Chairs, Art easel, Playhouse & slide, 4 x people, Playmat 2 x AA batteries18 months+
Imaginative and life playHappyland Track and Vehicles431Includes 3 cars and 3 people2 years+
Imaginative and life playIkea Dolls Bed9718 months+
Imaginative and life playImaginext Helicoptor420Completer with hoist and two figures3 years+
Imaginative and life playImaginext Sharkbite Pirate Ship432There's no end to the swashbuckling fun that little mates and their imaginations can create with this pirate ship playset.Includes shark bite pirate ship playset, 2 pirate figures, 2 helmets, 2 swords, 1 cannon ball, 4 projectiles, a spyglass and treasure. 3-8 years3 years+
Imaginative and life playImaginext submarine1421Open & close the hatch and roll the sub along in an underwater world. Raise the periscope, launch an underwater probe and enjoy a new adventure. Includes sub, captain figure, crew figure, one scuba tank and pair of scuba fins.Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.3 years+
Imaginative and life playJohn Crane Wooden Tractor and Trailer993 years+
Imaginative and life playJumbo Forest Animals76Invites imaginative play by engaging children's curiosity about animals and where they live.3 years+
Imaginative and life playJungle Finger Puppets Set1532 years+
Imaginative and life playJungle Hand Puppets1573 years+
Imaginative and life playKitchen Set1982 years+
Imaginative and life playKnuffieland Road Set13837 pieces - large brightly coloured track to use with your own cars, or can be linked to Knuffieland Garage12 months+
Imaginative and life playLarge Dustbin Lorry63 years+
Imaginative and life playLift Off Rocket8Funky retro rocket with three doors to open. The cargo hold opens so the space buggy can zoom down a ramp.The living compartment opens to reveal a bed and kitchen and the top is where the two astronauts fly their missions. Plus space dog and alien in crater. With carry handle and lift-off sounds. Requires 2xAA batteries18 months+
Imaginative and life playLittle Tikes Road and Rail Set177Includes a large mountain with tunnels, road system, railway, helicopter landing pad, caves, secret slides, 5 vehicles and 3 friends. Great for lone or group play.18 months+
Imaginative and life playMagnetic Cars x 61692 years+
Imaginative and life playMagnetic Vehicles347Set of 5 magnetic vehicles to join together2 years+
Imaginative and life playMale doll in Muslim robe421
Imaginative and life playMedieval knights413Assortment of 9 medieval figures are a perfect complement to Castles - King & Queen, Knights, Archers and a Falconer.3 years+
Imaginative and life playMelissa and Doug Cutting Fruit45Seven wooden fruit pieces, Wooden knife, Wooden storage tray Little hands will make light work of chopping and slicing this fruit!. A realistic,wooden set of seven fruits and a wooden knife. A wonderful example of healthy eating and fruit recognition.3 years+
Imaginative and life playMetal Kitchen Set150Realistic stainless steel pots and pans set3 years+
Imaginative and life playMicrowave290Battery operated microwave with four pieces of food to cook. Beeps and lights up.3 years+
Imaginative and life playMini Dolls Set489ELC mini dolls with pram, bath and potty set2 years+
Imaginative and life playMini Sizzling Kitchen77Open up the lid to reveal two hob rings: one 'boils' and the other sizzles. Turn the hob over to use the grill that lights up and makes a grilling sound. Comes with pots, play food and utensils. Requires 2 x AA batteries.3 years+
Imaginative and life playMixed heritage girl baby doll90Realistic 16inch doll with soft vinyl body which is lovely to cuddle. Complete with nappy2 years+
Imaginative and life playMobile Moon Base74Includes two spacemen, a detachable moon rock digger and your own robot.18 months+
Imaginative and life playMoover Wooden Doll's Pram448A stylish rubber wood dolls pram suitable from 12 months.Encourages toddlers to develop their motor skills12 months+
Imaginative and life playMy First Baby306Soft bodied baby doll18 months+
Imaginative and life playMy tool case69All the tools youngsters need for helping repair and build things3 years+
Imaginative and life playNoah's Ark193 years+
Imaginative and life playPicnic Basket with Food5513 years+
Imaginative and life playPink Buggy4602 years+
Imaginative and life playPink Doll's Pram1742 years+
Imaginative and life playPirate Girl Outfit249Dressing up - skirt, top and sword.4 years+
Imaginative and life playPirate Puppet (Melissa and Doug)562Yo ho! Barnacle Bart is always ready for treasure hunting and adventures on the high seas! Use one hand to manipulate his mouth and facial expressions while gesturing with the removable wooden rod with the other. Detachable rod is suitable for lefties or righties!3 years+
Imaginative and life playPizza Set503 years+
Imaginative and life playPlay Food20420 pieces3 years+
Imaginative and life playPlaymobil 1,2,3 Ark231It's time to get the animals on board the Ark! Part of the Playmobil 1.2.3. range for younger children. Lots of accessories to extend the play. Encourages children to use their imagination and creativity. Suitable for children aged eighteen months and over.18 months+
Imaginative and life playPlaymobil 1,2,3 Truck and Garage390Great for children aged 18m plus. Garage is also a shape sorter.18 months+
Imaginative and life playPolice helmet218Push the top of the helmet to hear the police siren!18 months+
Imaginative and life playPolice Outfit247Dressing up clothes3 years+
Imaginative and life playPolice woman's hat612 years+
Imaginative and life playPuppet Theatre56Wooden table top theatre3 years+I
Imaginative and life playPuppet Theatre96Lightweight foam and cloth table top puppet theatre2 years+
Imaginative and life playRag doll (ethnic)217Beautiful rag doll with a bag of spare clothes.3 years+
Imaginative and life playRoad Mat and 10 Vehicles1893 years+
Imaginative and life playRugged Riggz Bulldozer103 years+
Imaginative and life playRugged Riggz Excavator113 years+
Imaginative and life playSandwich Making Set - Melissa and Doug302Stack your sandwich the way you like it with 16 wooden sandwich ingredients. Makes a satisfying crunch sound when the included wooden knife slices the pieces apart Wooden storage tray helps keep it all organised.
Imaginative and life playSet of 4 Tolo People308Brightly coloured very tactile chunky people6 months+I
Imaginative and life playShark Dressing up Tabard4063 years+
Imaginative and life playSmall dolls house2Wooden dolls house with furniture and people.3 years+
Imaginative and life playSmall soft bodied doll36912 months+
Imaginative and life playSoft Touch Baby Dinosaur Set - Peterkins165Suitable for age 18 months and up. Soft and squidgy. Contains 6 cute baby dinosaurs. Great for role play and activities18 months+
Imaginative and life playSoftie Mirror Square3286 months+
Imaginative and life playSpanish dress and shawl376size 6 years6 years+
Imaginative and life playToddler Tots School Bus147with 5 figures and wheelchair18 months+M I
Imaginative and life playTortoise Hand Puppet533 years+
Imaginative and life playTrain Set234includes track, engines and carriages3 years+
Imaginative and life playTransporter with 3 cars14618 months+
Imaginative and life playWader Garage (No 1)405Germany's best-selling colourful garage. With built-in carrying handle, lifts, car wash, side exit, petrol station and small vehicles. Includes 1.75m of road track.3 years+
Imaginative and life playWest African boy doll89Realistic 16inch doll with soft vinyl body which is lovely to cuddle. Complete with West African clothes ( hat, pants, trousers and tunic)2 years+
Imaginative and life playWhite Family Puppet Set1975 puppets3 years+
Imaginative and life playWok Set488All you need to make a stir fry!2 years+
Imaginative and life playWonder Farm338Wooden farm with characters3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Birthday Cake with Candles4513 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Bricks and Vehicle Set8575 piece set for construction and imaginary play3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden cake stand and 12 cakes446Wooden 3 tier cake stand packed with oodles of brilliantly detailed painted wooden cakes and biscuits. The 10 large chunky assorted cakes and 2 biscuits are decorated with icing, cherries, jam and chocolate. Av cake ht 5 cms, stand 16 cms diam x 25 cms ht.3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Farm2463 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Fire Engine43Large wooden fire engine with 2 ladders, fire hose, 2 connecting hoses and 2 firemen. Lots of scope for imaginative play.3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Fire Station445Large Pinn Toys wooden fire station with lots of accessories. Fire engine available separately3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Pizza Set1Melissa and Doug wooden pizza set. Six thick slices in a brightly coloured tray, complete with cutter, spatula, and over 50 toppings. Helps with counting skills. Age 3 to 7.3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Toaster with 2 toast1583 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Top Puppets x 6206Brightly coloured puppets with wooden heads3 years+
Imaginative and life playWooden Train Set142Includes track, engines and carriages3 years+
Imaginative and life playWOW Fire Rescue Rory12018m-5years. Motorised rescue helicopter. Squeeze trigger action to activate motor. Magnetic lift to pick up animals. Turn searchlight to drop the animals. No batteries required18 months+
Imaginative and life playWOW Harvey Harvester226Feed 'n' drop automatic baler. Rotating thresher with rattling grain. Swivel out grain arm. No batteries required18 months+
Imaginative and life playWOW horse and carriage44Complete with farmer and cow.18 months+
Imaginative and life playWOW plane285a super, fun-packed aeroplane with friction-powered, rotating propellers. There is a cargo hold with three secret compartments revealed by turning the knob. Includes a pilot adventurer.18 months+
Imaginative and life playWow! Toys Off Road Ollie117 Motorised car with realistic engine sound. Push-along trike. Detachable trailer with magnetic hook & click opening tailgate. No batteries needed.18 months+
Musical InstrumentsBaby percussion set646 musical instruments including mini rainmaker6 months+I
Musical InstrumentsBug Tunes166 piece musical instrument set18 months+I
Musical InstrumentsClickety Clack Instruments381A variety of 6 wooden musical instruments with chunky handles18 months+I
Musical InstrumentsFrog Guiro355Make noises by running the stick across the wooden frog's back18 months+
Musical InstrumentsKeyboard289Battery operated musical keyboard. Requires 3 AA batteries3 years+
Musical InstrumentsLittle Rhythm Maker Drum172 years+I
Musical InstrumentsLittle Tikes Xylophone82Colourful chimes produce a full octave of tones. Wheels and a handle let the child use it as a fun pull toy too.12 months+
Musical InstrumentsMini rainbow musical bells1868 bells, making an octave with songsheet3 years+I
Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments233set of 62 years+I
Musical InstrumentsNeo Xylophone340Wooden xylophone with 1stick2 years+
Musical InstrumentsVtech Safari Sounds Xylophone48Caterpillar xylophone with light up rainbow bars and mallet, that doubles up as a pull-along handle. With 3 modes of play, your child can test their memory with follow me mode. Learn how to play 8 melodies in learn to play mode, follow me or free play mode! Includes 11 songs and 8 melodies.3 years+
Musical InstrumentsWave Drum393 years+I
Physical playBag of Balls254Lots of plastic balls to play with6 months+
Physical playBalancing Wheels408Great for co-ordination and lots of fun!3 years+
Physical playBetsy the Jumping Cow305Animal hoppers made from high quality & brightly coloured BPA free plastic. Suitable for indoor & outdoor play for ages 3 & over. Helps develop children's core muscle development & co-ordination skills3 years+
Physical playBilibo450Great fun as so versatile - rocking, spinning, sledding, balancing - the list is endless. 2yrs - 7 yrs2 years+
Physical playBlue flashing ball57Sensory light up ball6 months+I
Physical playBucket Stilts - red176Great for learning co-ordination and balance2 years+
Physical playBungee Bouncer416Keep children happy, fit and active with a brilliant soft pogo-style device, for indoor or outdoor use. Stand on the base, pull and stretch the handle upwards and bounce away. Much easier than a traditional pogo stick and aids co-ordination and balance. Bouncing jumping fun! Max wt 65 kg. Age 5 - Teenage5 years+
Physical playCosmic Light Scooter5653 years plus, below 50kg. Turn the flashing lights on and whizz away! Easy to balance with 3 wheels.3 years+
Physical playDidicar2211Didicar is a unique self propelled ride on toy for children (however adults can ride it too!!). It is safe and ideal to use indoors or outdoors on any hard, smooth and flat surface. It provides exercise in any setting and promotes physical development as well as balance, co-ordination, spacial and speed awareness. didicar provides all the above, but above all else it's just plain FUN!!3 years+
Physical playFun Wheels200It's a great one for kids' workshops as almost anybody can get it going after a little practice, and the better you get, the faster you go and the more likely you are of falling off (seeing as you won't get over walking speed this is safe and hilarious fun). Good practice for balance before moving on to the unicycle.6 years+
Physical playGolf Set1409
Physical playJump n Bounce166Space hopper3 years+
Physical playLittle Tikes Rocker2318 months+
Physical playLittle Tikes Trike2418 months+
Physical playLittle Tikes Trike52718 months+
Physical playMini Micro Scooter13Yellow, for 3-5 year olds.3 years+
Physical playParachute196Suitable for under 5s. Good for parties.. Complete with 10 balls and games sheet3 years+I
Physical playPoi (Little Erik's - pink and purple)399Little Erik's Poi ave a soft triangular beanbag head which is perfect for the young spinner.3 years+I
Physical playPop up Target258Pop up Target with 5 balls2 years+
Physical playPop-up tent and tunnel223instant pop-up tent and tunnel combination. Perfect for crawling, clambering and peek-a-boo.18 months+
Physical playPush and Ride Walker2112 months+
Physical playRainbow Poi291Green and purple4 years+I
Physical playRainbow soft ball27Unique transparent sensory ball with mini coloured beads inside the ball. Creates fascinating visual effects when shaken. 18cm diameter.6 months+I
Physical playRibbon Streamers425Great fun to whirl around2 years+I
Physical playSensory Flashing Balls28Set of 4 different coloured balls which flash and light up when bounced against a hard surface for all ages. Four varied and different textures to experience6 months+I
Physical playSensory Hedgehog Ball1061I
Physical playSkittles Set151Large rubber skittles set3 years+
Physical playSmall red jingle ball563Sensory ball with a bell inside. Easy for little fingers to hold, chase or catchI
Physical playStompee Balance Bike3002-6 years. Mountain Bike style high performance 'V' Brake. Adjustable seat height 350-450mm. Large padded seat and Chunky Pnuematic Tyres. Learn how to balance without the need to pedal.2 years+I
Physical playTippitoes Doorway Bouncer452From 3months up to 12 kg3 months+
Physical playTunnel51.8m pop up tunnel. Helps develop co-ordination2 years+
Physical playTwister - with bag and frisby4Complete with multicoloured carry bag - great for taking on picnics. Includes mat and spinner on disc. Remove spinner from disc to use it as a frisby. For 2 or more players.6 years+
Physical playWooden Ikea Trolley225The castors can be set to roll stiffly or smoothly depending on how steadily the child walks. The handle can be mounted in two ways. Upright is best for beginners. Your child can load their favourite things onto the toddle truck and drive around.12 months+
Puzzles6x 2 piece Famr Puzzles34118 months+
PuzzlesAlphabet puzzle3643 years+
PuzzlesAnimals of the World15260 piece puzzle4 years+
PuzzlesBabies Tray Puzzle1542 years+
PuzzlesBig Aeroplane Floor Puzzle38430 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesBig Jigs Pirate Tray Puzzle4915 piece tray puzzle with pirate figures which stand up18 months+
PuzzlesBlack and White Puzzle2882 years+
PuzzlesBob the Builder Floor Puzzle11615 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesBuilders Floor Puzzle13528 pieces2 years+
PuzzlesBumper Thomas Puzzle Pack4864x 20 piece puzzles3 years+
PuzzlesDinosaur Puzzle164
PuzzlesFairy Cottages Floor Puzzle46115 pieces age 2-5 years2 years+
PuzzlesFarm Puzzles x 43512 years+
PuzzlesFarmyard Puzzle111548 piece4 years+
PuzzlesFire Engine Puzzle12412 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesFish Tray Puzzle1292 years+
PuzzlesGalt 100 Piece Puzzle - Pirates311A fun set of 4 first puzzles featuring pirate scenes.With a full size poster of the picture to follow when making the puzzle.Size of puzzle: 37cm x 50cm4 years+
PuzzlesGalt 4 Puzzles in a Box - Farm314Set of 4 first puzzles featuring farm animals. Puzzles have different numbers of pieces to encourage the development of matching and sorting skills. 4 puzzles with 4, 6, 8 and 12 pieces.3 years+
PuzzlesGalt Giant Floor Puzzle - Construction Site1298A 30-piece giant floor puzzle featuring a colourful illustration of a construction site and many different vehicles demonstrating their roles.3 years+
PuzzlesGalt Giant Floor Puzzle - Town325A 30 piece puzzle which children can make and then when complete, move their toy vehicles around the roads. There are so many interesting things to find in this puzzle that children will return time and time again. The large, easy to handle pieces are made in thick board with a wipe-clean surface Size of puzzles: 60 x 90cm (24" x 36").3 years+
PuzzlesGalt Jungle Long Puzzle318Roar! Roar! Who's at the back of this procession of animals? An extra long floor puzzle featuring a jungle scene with different animals to talk about and a lion roar sound button. Children will enjoy building this fun puzzle and pressing the roar sound when it is complete. Designed to develop matching skills and stimulate discussion and language development. 10 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesGalt Number Puzzles x 1032310 colourful 3-piece puzzles to develop early counting skills and number recognition. Each puzzle features a large number, the number word and interesting items to count. Only the correct pieces will fit together.3 years+
PuzzlesGiant Dinosaur Floor Puzzle43630 pieces. For 3-6 year olds3 years+
PuzzlesGiant Farm Floor Puzzle484Galt. 30 brightly coloured pieces. For 3-6 year olds3 years+
PuzzlesGiant Letterland Floor Puzzle25028 pieces2 years+
PuzzlesHealth Care Wooden Puzzles x 4428between 9 and 20 pieces in each puzzle. Good for discussing things like visits to the doctor or dentist.3 years+
PuzzlesHelp Outside the Home - Puzzles2782 x 6 piece puzzles, 2 x 4 piece puzzles2 years+
PuzzlesIn the jungle (puzzle)2393 years+
PuzzlesLittle Friends Puzzle320This set comprises of eight little friends, boys and girls, of which the head, body and legs all lift out separately. Each of the chunky pieces is raised for easy lifting and placing. The bright and colourful design of this toy will attract children's attention and help develop fine motor skills.
PuzzlesMaisy 24 piece Floor Puzzle4823 years+
PuzzlesMake and Match Farm Animals3532 years+
PuzzlesMulticultural Children - tray puzzle13418 months+
PuzzlesMy Farmyard Puzzles36360 pieces4 years+
PuzzlesMy First Puzzle Sums14024 years+
PuzzlesMy School Day505A 24 piece puzzle complete with moving clock hands, aimed at teaching children how to relate daily events to the time.4 years+
PuzzlesMy World Puzzle - My Weekend12803 years+
PuzzlesNoah's Ark Puzzles2982x 20 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesNursery Rhymes Puzzles x 41334,6,9,12 pieces2 years+
PuzzlesOn the Farm - 3 puzzles11415, 20 and 25 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesOn the Move - giant floor puzzle1262 years+
PuzzlesPeople Who Help Us - tray puzzle13212 months+
PuzzlesPlayground Puzzle18316 wooden pieces2 years+
PuzzlesPlaygroup Puzzle18116 wooden pieces2 years+
PuzzlesPostman Pat Tell a Story Puzzles4274 puzzles, with between 12 and 24 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesPostman Pat Tray Puzzle1212 years+
PuzzlesSeaside Puzzle18216 wooden pieces2 years+
PuzzlesSnowscene Puzzle18416 wooden pieces2 years+
PuzzlesStorytime Wooden Puzzles119Set of 4, 12 pieces each2 years+
PuzzlesTales from Acorn Woods168Flap book and 20 piece puzzle2 years+
PuzzlesTeddy Bear Puzzles x 52512 years+
PuzzlesTeletubbies puzzles x 22293 years+
PuzzlesTell A Story Thomas Puzzles3134 puzzles. 1 x 12 piece. 1 x 16 piece. 1 x 20 piece. 1 x 24 piece.3 years+
PuzzlesTell the Time Puzzle4764 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesThomas Puzzles226 x 49 pieces5 years+
PuzzlesThomas Puzzles x 243812 and 24 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesThomas Tray Puzzle12518 months+
PuzzlesTimes of Day12774 wooden puzzles with 9, 12, 16 and 20 pieces
PuzzlesTrain Tray Puzzle13124 pieces2 years+
PuzzlesTray puzzle28418 months+
PuzzlesUnder the Sea Floor Puzzle38530 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesUndersea Puzzles183 puzzles each 49 pieces5 years+
PuzzlesVoyage tray puzzle2832 years+
PuzzlesWhose Baby?1420Galt Game - 15 Two-Piece Photographic Puzzles to match2 years+
PuzzlesWinnie the Pooh ABC Puzzle (1)24327 pieces3 years+
PuzzlesWinnie the Pooh ABC Puzzle (2)2443 years+
PuzzlesWooden Animal Puzzle3793 years+
PuzzlesWooden Animal Tray Puzzle434With pegs on pieces for easy lifting. 6 pieces.12 months+
PuzzlesWooden Farm Puzzle33120 chunky pieces3 years+
PuzzlesWooden Tray Puzzle44918 months+
Science and natureMagnetic car set319Lots of fun finding out how magnets work.3 years+
SensoryClatter Pillar71Makes an amazing clickety-clack sound that changes as you play. A musical instrument as well as a highly sensory toy.18 months+I
SensoryFluorescent Mirror chimeabout550Multi-sensory stimulation6 months+I
SensoryHelter Skelter Loopie79For use on table or floor. Encourages reaching up, visual tracking, cause and effect, colour recognition. Tube vibrates and makes a noise as ball descends. With 4 balls.12 months+I
SensoryRainbow maker70Creates a magical combination of sound and colour as a rainbow of coloured beads cascade through the tube making the sound of falling rain12 months+I
SensoryRainbow Sound Blocks72For sorting, matching colours and sounds. Look through the blocks to see the world in different colours. Stimulates curiousity, motor skills and colour differentiation2 years+I
SensoryTwirly Rainbowmaker75Watch and listen as the coloured beads move through the tube12 months+I
Skills and activitiesAbstract Memory Game403 years+I
Skills and activitiesBead Board3818 months+I
Skills and activitiesFluorescent Roly Poly Drum7A very stimulating toy with both sound and visual rewards. The coloured perspex glows under UV light.6 months+I
Skills and activitiesGeometric Sorting Board257Colourful wooden shapes to sort onto a board4 years+
Skills and activitiesGiant Helter Skelter track557Large brightly coloured wooden helter skelter track, with 3 vehicles to chase each other to the bottom.18 months+I
Skills and activitiesHelter Skelter Track81Wooden track with cars18 months+
Skills and activitiesJuggling Balls1783 years+
Skills and activitiesJuggling Balls1793 years+
Skills and activitiesKaleidoscope415Turn the top to see everchanging colourful patterns. . 15cms3 years+
Skills and activitiesKaleidoscope Mirror171Good sensory toy12 months+I
Skills and activitiesLittle Tikes Bash n Ball426Bash the balls through the top and see them fall through. Features easy-grip hammer and 4 balls18 months+
Skills and activitiesMagnetic Bead Board135612 months+I
Skills and activitiesMarble Run ELC4733 years+
Skills and activitiesMelissa and Doug Latches Board295Undo a latch, swing open the numbered door, and reveal the picture beneath on the wooden play board Build fine motor skills while learning colours, numbers, animals and more. High quality materials ensure durability and safety. Non-toxic paints and finishes.3 years+
Skills and activitiesPegboard and pegs115Make lots of patterns with the colourful pegs3 years+
Skills and activitiesPop-up Friends29718 months+
Skills and activitiesRainbow Slope1218 months+I
Skills and activitiesRed Spinning Plate191Plate and stick5 years+
Skills and activitiesRoad Safety Sequences310Colour coded cards to put in correct order with pictures relating to road safety.3 years+I
Skills and activitiesRolling Ball House155with 4 balls12 months+I
Skills and activitiesShape sorting lorry2822 years+
Skills and activitiesSlinky1943 years+I
Skills and activitiesSoft Cube Puzzle11112 months+
Skills and activitiesSound Puzzle Box18518 months+I
Skills and activitiesTactile Beads413 years+I
Skills and activitiesTactile Flower344Match the different textures of each shape on the flower board2 years+
Skills and activitiesThreading animals3978colourful plastic animal shapes with laces to thread through the holes around the edge. Helps fine motor skills3 years+
Skills and activitiesThreading baskets1225 brightly coloured baskets to make with lots of laces to weave through.3 years+
Skills and activitiesThreading Buttons1363 years+
Skills and activitiesThreading vehicles254 colourful plastic vehicle shapes with laces to thread through the holes around the edge. Helps fine motor skills3 years+
Skills and activitiesThreading Washing Line293 years+
Skills and activitiesTiger Feet309Foam tiger print feet with strings to hold as you walk3 years+
Skills and activitiesTouch and Match Board279Tactile matching2 years+I
Skills and activitiesTubie46Encourages hand/eye co-ordination and tracking. Watch the balls disapear and reappear in the transparent tubes, which vibrate as the balls pass through.6 months+I
Skills and activitiesTumbling Clowns342 years+I
Skills and activitiesVtech First Steps Baby Walker2766 months+
Skills and activitiesWooden Crane and Shapes3218 months+
Skills and activitiesWooden shape sorter287Wooden barrrel with lid for posting simple wooden shapes.18 months+
Skills and activitiesWooden Shape Sorter1415 pieces18 months+
Skills and activitiesWooden Vehicle Construction Set375 years+
Skills and activitiesYellow Spinning Plate192plate and stick5 years+
Words and numbersABC Flashcards2923 years+
Words and numbersFirst Numbers Flashcards2703 years+
Words and numbersLeapfrog Letter Discoveries316Learn letter names, letter sounds and more. Four learning modes extend the fun with letter and phonics games, music and help from scout! Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning. Learning skills: the alphabet, phonics skills and fine motor skills.2 years+
Words and numbersSpanish Words and Phrases1316Usborne language cards3 years+I