Spinning Top Inclusive Catalogue

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M = Multicultural, I = Inclusive
Category Toy Name ID No. Details Age  
Baby toysActivity Board262Large double sided wooden activity board which encourages group play and sharing. Lots of different activities.6 months+I
Baby toysCat game26112 pieces of food, 2 die Feed the animals through the slots to hear them make happy noises! Great for fine motor skills.12 months+I
Baby toysClacking Windmill271Strong wooden base and uprights hold a pair of four rotating arms with balls at the ends. Each arm has a pair of sliding half balls on each rod that ‘clack’ together as the windmills spin around, giving a reward sound after making contact.6 months+I
Baby toysDiffraction tube - roller/shaker265Roll in the palm of hand or shake for sound. Movement will provide visual stimulation as light is reflected and diffracted. Encourages grip and hand flexibility.12 months+I
Baby toysELC Twist and Turn Activity House187With lots of activities to keep little hands busy, the Twist and Turn Activity House encourages the development of fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Your little one can turn the handle on the side to see the cogs spin, and open and close doors to hide and retrieve the shapes. As your baby gets older, they can discover which shapes fit into the holes, tap them in using the hammer, post balls into the chimney and down the ball run, and you can help them find out how to open the doors using the keys.12 months+I
Baby toysGalt Junior Ball Run280Build a fun ball run with 15 brightly coloured slot-together pieces and 5 assorted balls to delight and entertain a young child. The balls are the perfect size for little hands to hold and feature smiley faces, rattle sounds and a spinning mirror. Your child will enjoy exploring the ball run, discovering where to place each ball and learning how the balls travel down to the base of the run. The Junior Ball Run encourages hand-eye coordination and teaches the concept of cause and effect. Awarded 'Recommended' status by the Good Toy Guide.12 months+I
Baby toysMirror Chimeabout371Wooden sensory toy with a carousel of mirrors and bells which rotate and jingle when touched. Ideal for babies and children with additional needs.6 months+I
Baby toysMirror Chimeabout417Wooden sensory toy with a carousel of mirrors and bells which rotate and jingle when touched. Ideal for babies and children with additional needs.6 months+I
Baby toysMirror/Diffraction Cube264 It creates changes in lighting effects with added surprises, encouraging concentration. Two sides are mirror and two sides diffraction, both in acrylic.6 months+I
Baby toysNobbly Wobbly263Noisy, visual, tactile, easy-to-grip ball. The less dextrous can put their fingers around the pliable strands for better grip. Mirrored inner ball provides reflections and rattle sounds. Safe, colourful - wonderful!6 months+I
Baby toysPop-up people286Stimulating and entertaining wooden toy. Press the 4 colourful people to make them pop up and down to delight babies and toddlers. Aids hand/eye co-ordination and colour recognition.12 months+I
Baby toysRotating Drum267Wooden drum filled with coloured balls with bells inside them. Gives intrinsic rewards from the sounds and movement created.6 months+I
Baby toysSensory reflective silver balls419Set of 4 different size reflective metal balls. Babies and children will be fascinated to see what happens to objects placed close to the mirrors especially their own face! Made from hard wearing stainless steel, these beautiful tactile balls are robustly constructed without being too heavy and can therefore be handled by young children with ease.birth upwardsI
Baby toysSensory Set (2)3374 instruments for little hands to play with.3 months+I
Baby toysSensory soft cube426 months+I
Baby toysSquish (pastel)670Skwish appeals to baby's visual and tactile curiosity, making this sophisticated toy a source of wonder and learning. Very easy to hold.birth upwardsI
BooksHow to Help Your Autistic Spectrum Child757Author: Jackie Brealy. Practical ways to make family life run more smoothly from first hand experience. From obtaining diagnosis, education and intervention, to considering future of your child.I
BooksHow to Support and Teach Children on the Autistic Spectrum755A practical, accessible source of ideas and support for those involved in education of children on autistic spectrum. Aimed at teachers, but also for parents and professionalsI
BooksIncey Wincey Spider785Sign and sing a long book (BSL)6 months+I
BooksJessie Says Goodnight - Lift the Flap signing book810The award-winning second book in the Jessie Cat lift-the flap series. Snuggle up with Jessie and read all about her bedtime routine! Having a bath, brushing her teeth, looking at the moon and stars, this charming book includes 14 important early signs from the Sing and Sign programme. Written by Sasha Felix and delightfully illustrated by Claude BonnaudI
BooksJordan Has a Hearing Loss7544 years+I
BooksLet's Sign for Work791BSL guide for Service Providers. Communication guidelines and selection of everyday signs for those whose work brings them into contact with Deaf people.I
BooksLuke has Down's Syndrome7534 years+I
BooksMy First Animal Signs780Board picture book with 48 animal signs in BSL. For young children and their families to learn their first animal signs together.6 months+I
BooksMy First Signs779Board picture book for young children and families to learn early signs together.6 months+I
BooksSam Uses Wheelchair7514 years+I
BooksSign about Getting Ready789Signing guide for hearing and deaf children (American Sign Language)6 months+I
BooksSign about Going Out790Signing guide for hearing and deaf children (British Sign Language)6 months+I
BooksSign about Meal Time788Signing guide for hearing and deaf children (American Sign Language)6 months+I
BooksSing about Play time787Signing guide for hearing and deaf children (American Sign Language)6 months+I
BooksSing and Sign Vocabulary Book738Printed in full colour with descriptions and arrows to show how signs are used. Includes some song lyrics and guidance on why certain signs are especially helpful. Chapters are themed and signs listed alphabetically for easy reference.I
BooksSmall Steps Forward760Author Sarah Newman. Using games and activities to help your pre-school child with special needsI
BooksThomas has Autism7524 years+I
ConstructionAcrylic blocks329A beautiful set of translucent coloured acrylic blocks and shapes which are virtually indestructible. Comes compete with four opaque 2d squares which can be used as platforms when building towers etc.3 years+I
GamesSoundtracks (cd)1703-6yrs3 years+I
Imaginative and life playDump Truck - Handle Haulers15Easy Grip soft handle6 months+I
Imaginative and life playPuppet Theatre56Wooden table top theatre3 years+I
Imaginative and life playSet of 4 Tolo People308Brightly coloured very tactile chunky people6 months+I
Imaginative and life playToddler Tots School Bus147with 5 figures and wheelchair18 months+M I
Musical InstrumentsBaby percussion set646 musical instruments including mini rainmaker6 months+I
Musical InstrumentsBug Tunes166 piece musical instrument set18 months+I
Musical InstrumentsClickety Clack Instruments381A variety of 6 wooden musical instruments with chunky handles18 months+I
Musical InstrumentsLittle Rhythm Maker Drum172 years+I
Musical InstrumentsMini rainbow musical bells1868 bells, making an octave with songsheet3 years+I
Musical InstrumentsMusical Instruments233set of 62 years+I
Musical InstrumentsWave Drum393 years+I
Physical playBlue flashing ball57Sensory light up ball6 months+I
Physical playParachute196Suitable for under 5s. Good for parties.. Complete with 10 balls and games sheet3 years+I
Physical playPoi (Little Erik's - pink and purple)399Little Erik's Poi ave a soft triangular beanbag head which is perfect for the young spinner.3 years+I
Physical playRainbow Poi291Green and purple4 years+I
Physical playRainbow soft ball27Unique transparent sensory ball with mini coloured beads inside the ball. Creates fascinating visual effects when shaken. 18cm diameter.6 months+I
Physical playRibbon Streamers425Great fun to whirl around2 years+I
Physical playSensory Flashing Balls28Set of 4 different coloured balls which flash and light up when bounced against a hard surface for all ages. Four varied and different textures to experience6 months+I
Physical playSensory Hedgehog Ball1061I
Physical playSmall red jingle ball563Sensory ball with a bell inside. Easy for little fingers to hold, chase or catchI
Physical playStompee Balance Bike3002-6 years. Mountain Bike style high performance 'V' Brake. Adjustable seat height 350-450mm. Large padded seat and Chunky Pnuematic Tyres. Learn how to balance without the need to pedal.2 years+I
SensoryClatter Pillar71Makes an amazing clickety-clack sound that changes as you play. A musical instrument as well as a highly sensory toy.18 months+I
SensoryFluorescent Mirror chimeabout550Multi-sensory stimulation6 months+I
SensoryHelter Skelter Loopie79For use on table or floor. Encourages reaching up, visual tracking, cause and effect, colour recognition. Tube vibrates and makes a noise as ball descends. With 4 balls.12 months+I
SensoryRainbow maker70Creates a magical combination of sound and colour as a rainbow of coloured beads cascade through the tube making the sound of falling rain12 months+I
SensoryRainbow Sound Blocks72For sorting, matching colours and sounds. Look through the blocks to see the world in different colours. Stimulates curiousity, motor skills and colour differentiation2 years+I
SensoryTwirly Rainbowmaker75Watch and listen as the coloured beads move through the tube12 months+I
Skills and activitiesAbstract Memory Game403 years+I
Skills and activitiesBead Board3818 months+I
Skills and activitiesFluorescent Roly Poly Drum7A very stimulating toy with both sound and visual rewards. The coloured perspex glows under UV light.6 months+I
Skills and activitiesGiant Helter Skelter track557Large brightly coloured wooden helter skelter track, with 3 vehicles to chase each other to the bottom.18 months+I
Skills and activitiesKaleidoscope Mirror171Good sensory toy12 months+I
Skills and activitiesMagnetic Bead Board135612 months+I
Skills and activitiesRainbow Slope1218 months+I
Skills and activitiesRoad Safety Sequences310Colour coded cards to put in correct order with pictures relating to road safety.3 years+I
Skills and activitiesRolling Ball House155with 4 balls12 months+I
Skills and activitiesSlinky1943 years+I
Skills and activitiesSound Puzzle Box18518 months+I
Skills and activitiesTactile Beads413 years+I
Skills and activitiesTouch and Match Board279Tactile matching2 years+I
Skills and activitiesTubie46Encourages hand/eye co-ordination and tracking. Watch the balls disapear and reappear in the transparent tubes, which vibrate as the balls pass through.6 months+I
Skills and activitiesTumbling Clowns342 years+I
Words and numbersSpanish Words and Phrases1316Usborne language cards3 years+I