If you would like to join either of the toy libraries, just turn up during one of our sessions and fill in a membership form. For more information, see below.

  1. Each new member is asked for their name, address, telephone number, and whether joining as a group member (ie after-school group, pre-school group, nursery etc) or a family member. This information is entered into a card index system as well as into a computer data base. All details given are confidential and are not passed on to third parties. Information is only used in connection with the toy library.
  2. We ask members to fill in a monitoring form to give us more information about ethnicity, disability or developmental needs. This information is used by us when we buy more toys, also for statistics for grant applications. It does not identify individual children.
  3. Every member is given a membership card which shows their name and number. It is very helpful to the Toy Librarian if the card is shown each time you use the library.
  4. The fees for joining are £15.00 for group members and £6 for family members, with membership renewable annually.
  5. Professional members can borrow up to 6 items at a time, whilst family members can borrow up to 3 items. In addition you can borrow up to 3 books, whilst more items can be borrowed for special events such as a party. Toys can also be booked.
  6. Fees are normally on a weekly basis, starting from 50p per week per toy. More expensive toys are £1.20 per week. Resource books are 30p per week. Groups can borrow toys by the half term at a reduced rate – £2.50  for cheaper toys, £6 for more expensive toys, £1.50 for books.
  7. A deposit is taken for some toys, which is refunded when the toy is returned. Refunds of deposits are entered into the cash book, and members asked to initial against the entry.
  8. Overdue fees are payable for each week or part of week a toy is late in being returned. This is at the normal weekly rate for that toy.
  9. An official receipt is given for all monies taken.
  10. Electronic toys come with either an adapter or batteries. Please do not throw away any rechargeable batteries if they run out!
  11. Children are welcome to look at the toys in the stock room, but for safety’s sake they must be supervised by an adult. You are welcome to take any toys into the main meeting room to try them out. Parents/carers remain responsible for their children at all times.
  12. We provide contents lists for toys with lots of pieces – please check everything is there before returning a toy. If a piece is missing (children are notorious for putting things in very strange places!) please do not worry too much, as they normally turn up. Just make sure you let us know, and return pieces when they reappear.
  13. Sometimes toys break. Again, please let us know, but do not worry about it. There is no charge for breakages, but we do need the pieces back.
  14. If you lose the whole toy, we would expect you to pay for a replacement.
  15. Please bring back toys in a clean condition. This is especially important with baby toys.